Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Tenebra Macabre & Nightmare On Halloween (ZX Spectrum)

A couple of ZX 'Spectral' games today, that'll chill your 8-bits to the bone! 

Tenebra Macabre (ZX Spectrum) : 

Mega Meghan, star of another Mojon Twins Spectrum game, has found herself trapped in the rather spooky crypt of Jurufrasto Morante, The Ghoul from Alicante! To escape, she'll need to break an evil spell cast on the main door to the crypt and the only way she can do this is by lighting a candle in each and every room of Morante's tomb!    

Of course, there's a catch...the catch being that as all the candles are out, Meghan has to navigate the crypt in total darkness! Well, not total can see just a tiny bit around Meghan...but the rest of the screen is really, really dark! Luckily, a thunderstorm is raging outside and the lightning flashes light up the rooms for brief moments, allowing you to see where platforms and dangerous nasties are!

Once you light all 24 candles, Meghan will be able to escape to freedom! It's a cool little game, which can seem a little tricky if you rush ahead and don't use the lightning as you should...but with a little patience you shouldn't have too much trouble! The lightning is a really nice touch that gives the game a great spooky atmosphere....definitely worth a few games on cold, dark winter nights! There's also a suitably spooky tune on the title screen to fill you with fear too! So yeah, go download it from here....

Nightmare On Halloween (ZX Spectrum) :

Poor Mr. Bates! He's only gone and lost 5 sacred pages from the Sacred Clan's Book Of Witches! Not only that, but doing so has gotten him cursed and now he's a living skeleton!! The only way to put things right and bring himself back to full & proper life is to retrieve those 5 pages...

You'll need to hunt down a few keys to unlock doors which hinder your progress, and a few beers are scattered around the levels too (because everyone knows skeletons love beer!)! These let you regain some health, which you'll be needing to do as this game can be quite tricky with just 5 lives! Still, it's another great wee spooky game to keep you occupied during winter weather! Radastan has done a great job with the Mojon Twin's Churrera Engine, especially with the graphics which are groovily ghoulish!

You can download it from here, and you really should! Go do it immediately or I'll get the Sacred Clan to curse you lot too! 

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