Sunday, 16 October 2016

Gregory Horror Show (PS2)

A weird and wonderful take on the Survival Horror Genre played in 3rd or 1st person...Based on a Japanese cartoon, ( which you can watch the first episode of at the end of this post) this game sees your soul enter a spooky old hotel run by Gregory, a freaky gimpy-eyed mouse! He sets you up with a room, but as you drift off to sleep you meet Death (complete with Swedish hat), who informs you that the hotel is filled with lost souls that need returned to him.

They are being held by the weirdest bunch of mixed up characters you're likely to see for a long time, and it is they who make the game the joy it is to play! Anyhoo, Death sorts you out with a new body, hideous and cuboid as it may be, and then you go around peeking through keyholes to find out the hotel guest's dark secrets and how to steal back the souls they carry around with them...

It plays like a cross between Resident Evil and old point-and-click titles, with you trying to work out which of the many items lying around to use where...and if you manage to work it out and steal back a soul, the guest you pinched it from will then chase you around whenever they see you!

If you get caught, you are subjected to the horror shows of the title..basically a sequence where something horrible happens to you, which depletes your energy bar. It can get a bit boring trudging around, and a bit tricky later on when you have loads of guests hunting you down, but the quirkiness of it all and mental characters should keep you entertained! Definitely worth checking out if you like Survival Horror, but want to try a different slant on it....

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